Tundra Biome

TyShawn Brown


Tundra Biomes are found in Canada, Alaska, Siberia, Greenland & northern Europe.

Also the North Pole & South Pole


The average yearly temperature in the frozen tundra is -12c to -6c.

The sun sometimes doesn't rise for 6 months of the year. (half the year).

(Precipitation: Rain, Sleet, Snow, Hail, etc.)

Plants & Stuff

Since its so cold, there aren't that many plants. Low shrubs, Lichens, and Mosses.

There are a variety of flowers in some tundras such as the Azalea.

Animal Life

There aren't that many animals to be found in a Tundra.

Animals that are there are Lemmings, Caribou, Artic Foxes, Wolves, And Polar Bears

Things To Do

You can go hiking & backpacking.

Wild Life viewing.

Ice fishing.

River floating.

Snow Mobiling.

Snow boarding.

& Dog Sledding.