What To Expect

By : Raina Chambers

First Trimester (Months 1-3 )

Welcome to Motherhood , or welcome to throwing up last nights Chinese food. Either way you have found out your Prego . Your hormones have increased a lot & you've noticed you've been kinda moody lately . This is perfectly normal. Also heart burn and your breast have gone up a cup or two but that's okay. Guess what is also happening inside of you YOUR BABY IS GROWING ! He/She is just 2 inches long & may weigh next to nothing. Your baby's fingers , fingerprints , and taste buds have shape now . Their heart beat can range from 100 to 160 times a minute.

Second Trimester ( Months 4 - 6)

These are the months where your baby bump is way more noticeable than before. So expect people ( Random & Familiar ) to come up to you and touch your stomach without warning. Some mothers enjoy this , while most find it weird. This is the point were you are starting to gain the most weight. While , your baby's brain is growing rapidly . The hair on you and your baby head has grown a little. The baby ears are very sensitive & may be able to hear outside the womb. This would be a great time for you to talk & read to your child so they get used to the sound of your voice.

Third Trimester ( Months 7-9 )

All most done cooking your little bundle of joy . The last 3 months of pregnancy are said to be the hardest. Your baby thinks he/she is at a soccer game most days. By 31 weeks your baby is around 16 inches long. The muscles in your Uterus may feel tight as your body is preparing to give birth. your baby is now almost ready to come out. This is the time where you can prepare your going away bag & the nursery. Your ankles may have or look swollen ; This is perfectly normal . Take it easy and when its time go to the hospital and enjoy your new addition.