Reduce Reuse Recycle


Explain problem

The problem is the environment is damaged and we need to recycle.


The process of how paper was first made

First, take lots of old rags, inner part of a mulberry tree, and pieces of bamboo. Second, leave the pieces to soak in water. Third, pound the paper all the way through so you break up all the fibers. Fourth, pour the mixture through a coarsely wove cloth and then let the water drain through it, which leaves the fibers on the cloth. Fifth, spread the fibrous mixture out in a thin layer and make sure you smooth it well. Sixth, leave it to dry in the sun. When it’s dry remove the paper and write on it. (with a brush and ink)


design specification

1.four legs.
2.chair has a back of the chair
3.chair has armrest
4.chair has a cup holder
5. chair looks like square
6.chair weight is a about 700g


how many legs you want?
-i want 4 legs

do you want a armchair?
-yes i want a armchair

do you want a backseat?
-yes i want backseat

do you want high chair or low chair?
-i want a middle chair

want do you want to chair?
-i want chair has a cup holder in armrest