VCR-E Lesson 8 Presentation

Boryung Lee

Fill in the Blank

Her polite and honest __________ during the trial earned admiration.
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Behavior; demeanor; mode of bearing or movement.

other forms

Comport. v.


  • conduct
  • action
  • bearing
  • manner
  • deportment



porto, portare, portavi, portatum : to carry

Comportment vs Deportment

  • Comportment retains connotation of "physical bearing" or "dignified manner" while the deportment means "conduct" or "ways people behave toward others"

Choose the sentence in which the word in the bold-faced type is used incorrectly

  1. The forth-graders learned proper comportment in their private school.
  2. As the police approached, their comportment changed suddenly.
  3. John was scolded for his rude comportment when he screamed during the wedding ceremony.
  4. Victorian conception of women's comportment is very confining and strict.