Welcome to Liniveille

By:Lexi Dietrich


Hey, I am Lexi. I am going to tell you five great things about Lineville. However, before you get started, if you are feeling scared, don't be. Lineville is big on the outside, but on the inside it feels much smaller. It is an awesome school and it is not SCARY AT ALL!


Every one loves lunch! There are a few things about lunch that you need to know about. First, there is District Lunch, which is what you get at your current school. Second, Lineville has Commons Lunch, which is smaller than the district meal, but is another food option. Finally, there is the A La Carte, where you can get a snack, which includes drinks like Snapple, water, or apple juice. You also have your choice of fruit snacks, cookies, granola bars, and bagels with cream cheese. Another difference from the elementary schools is that you don't have to sit in an assigned seat, you can sit wherever you want. However, there are only eight people to a table. Last, but not least, you can go up for seconds if you are still hungry! I hope you like lunch at Lineville!


Here are some things you need to know about lockers and locks at Lineville. At first having to unlock and lock your locker may seem hard, but if you practice a few times before school begins it won't be a problem! Also, If your lock ever gets stuck, you can get a new one in the office. One of the great things about having a locker is that you can decorate the inside any way you want. You can put up mini whiteboards, pictures, and have little baskets to hold supplies. These are main things you need to know about the lockers and locks.


Discipline at your school is probably minors and majors or even go to a higher grade or the office, but in linville you get noons and after school mash. Noons are when you don't do your homework or when you are late for class when you do things bad. Also, when you get a noon you can't go for lunch and recess that is also a discipline for noons. When you get a noon you have to bring your lunch into a class that they a sign for those noon people. Mash is when you stay after school with someone in a class, but it is at the end of the day. you get a mash when you don't do your homework for along time so if constinaly don't do it. Also you can go to mash if you think you have a long day and a lot of homework you can go to mash for extra time for homework. Remember to get your homework done.


Some things you would want to know about hallways is there is a 0zone and when it is a 0zone it has red tape.Also there is a whisper zone which is blue tape. That means you can only talk at a level 1 voice.You can get a green ticket if you are quiet in the red zone or a blue ticket. The green tickets are 2 points and the blue are 1. Stay quiet.


You will get to have a few different specials at Lineville. They will include Technology, Spanish, gym, and music. For music you have your choice of 3 options which include choir, band, or orchestra. In gym you do more than you did in elementary school because you get to have a swimming unit because Lineville has a pool. Also, at your current school, you participate in Jump Rope for Heart, while at Lineville you will do school you do Hoops for Heart, which is basketball. We also have Archery, Play 60, and DARE. One last thing, always remember your gym clothes because at Lineville you change out of your "street clothes" for gym. You will enjoy your Specials at Lineville!


I hope you have a very very very wonderful year. I hope to see you next year:}