Mr. Vogt's Culture Project2


I am going to talk about five areas of my family in this project: food, customs/traditions, values, religion and art/music/literature.

Food will be first and will be in handed out in person: Kolachky, Hoska


a. Education was extremely stressed in my family. On my dad’s side, his mother was valedictorian of her high school but was never allowed to work on a career because women were viewed only as mothers in that time period. Education was also a way out for my dad’s family. Since his dad died, the family didn’t have money for anyone to go to college. All four boys earned scholarships to college and two of them earned doctorate’s degrees. Needless to say, I never got out of doing my homework or not studying for any reason. Graduations: Amy, me. Teaching: Dad 1, 2, Mom 1, 2

b. Recreation: our family is very much into skiing. My mom’s family regularly participated in waterski shows and grew up skiing on Rock Lake every summer. Although my dad didn’t waterski until he met my mom, it caught on and we waterskiied on every family vacation. I learned on Lake Holcombe in Ladysmith when I was about 6. I tried three times unsuccessfully and wanted to give up. My dad said I could, but he would leave and I would have to swim all the way back to the beach. I got up on the 4th try. My family also started a tradition in 1992 of getting up one more person at a time behind the boat. It was 3 in 1993, 4 in 1994 (7 in 97) (9 in 99) all the way to 10 in 2000. We called it “Ten in 90-10”. At that point, we did not try for 11 because it took us about 4 hours to do 10 and we figured the boat probably wouldn’t pull up any more than 10. Uncle Joe 1, 2, Group 1, 2, 3