The Only Man in the Convent

Tales from a year of service at an orphanage run by nuns

Social Justice - Long Term Service - Faith - Community - Identity - God

Author Jay Sullivan visits Georgetown to share stories from his new book: Raising Gentle Men: Lives at the Orphanage Edge

Join us for a journey to 1980’s Jamaica. As a recent college graduate, the author found himself not only teaching English in a Jesuit high school in Kingston, but living at a nearby orphanage, helping three elderly nuns care for 250 abandoned, abused and troubled Jamaican boys.

The journeys of the boys, the nuns and the author's band of friends will seem strangely similar to your own path, as the author draws parallels to every person’s quest for identity, search for a meaningful role to play in life, and need to reach out to others for support and guidance along the way.

You’ll hear how we all spend our lives not far from the orphanage edge. Along the way, you’ll hear how the nuns use their faith, dedication and endless good humor in their quest to raise gentle men.

Monday, September 23, 7 pm, White-Gravenor 211

Sponsored by Georgetown Chaplains-in-Residence Jon Rice and Josh Evans

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