Mrs. Bailey's Kindergarten News

September 12-16, 2016

The week in review

This week brought three new Jolly Phonics sounds, the Audrey Wood classic, The Napping House and more counting using the five frame. Read on to learn more about our busy week.

Jollly Phonics

Our Jolly Phonics sounds of the week were brought to us by the letters ck, e and h. I hope you notice how neat your child's handwriting is becoming on the Jolly Phonics sound sheets as we practice these new letters. We had fun cracking an egg to help us remember the short e sound and our action for that tricky sound. We also created a caterpillar and an egg with an e inside as art connections to these the ck and e sounds. Perhaps you have heard about the mail we have been receiving from our kindergarten friends at other schools in the district. We areso excited to be a part of the District 200 Kindergarten Alphabet Exchange. It has been so fun to receive letter projects from our friends in neighboring schools. So far, we have received a bumble bee for letter B, and ice cream cone for I, a jelly bean J, an L with ladybugs, a d quilt made our of the letter q, an S snake and an umbrella made out of the letter u. This week we made a patchwork elephant our of the letter E after reading the story Elmer. They turned out so cute! We will send them off to our friends so that they can add our E to their growing alphabet. Next week we will learn the sounds brought to us by the letters r, m, d and g. Don't forget to practice those Sound Books this weekend!

Shared Reading

This week we shared the big book The Napping House by Audrey Wood. This classic tale is, about a boy, his granny, and their pets sleeping, only to be awakened by a disturbing flea. The story line is peaceful as everyone is asleep, and silly as the illustrations depict everyone piled onto the same bed. There is a mouse on top of the cat, which is on top of the dog, which is on top of the boy, who is on top of his grandmother. A flea bites the cat, waking him up and causing a domino effect awakening all of the others. It was the perfect vehicle for teaching the text features of Character and Setting, which are report card standards for this first trimester. It is also a great story to practice retelling and sequencing. To help us with these elements of fiction, we created the setting, a "napping house", and made some characters. Then we practice retelling the story, using our napping house as a backdrop for our characters in the story. We are bringing home our "napping house" so that we can retell it to you and your family. I hope you enjoy this latest activity in our literacy journey.


This week, we made the connection from pictures, to five frames to numerals. We played concentration, collaborated with our table friends as we counted animals and showed the number of animals on a five frame. Next week, we will introduce the number line and we will learn ways to represent the numbers 6-10.

A few reminders...

  • Don't forget to return you Run-A-Thon pledges by next Thursday. The raffle will be held on September 30.
  • Please return your child's permission slip for our field trip to Cosley Zoo. If you need another permission slip, or have any questions about our trip, please let me know.
  • Finally, Sunday is Beautification Day at Madison School. We need volunteers (adults and kids) to come to the school from 11-2 to help get our grounds ready for fall.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

High Hopes~~~

Mrs. Bailey