Daintree Rainforest

By Halle Robertson

Where is it located?

2333 Cape Tribulation Rd, Cape Tribulation QLD 4873

10 Interesting Facts!!!

*135 million years old!

*largest continuous rainforest in Australia

*covers up to 20% of Australias land mass

*1,200 square kilometers in area

*gained world heritage listing on the 9th of December 1988

*only place in Australia with so many different flora

*As Australia became more ayrid fewer rainforests could survive but, Daintree however the climate was ideal so the rainforest and its animals could survive

*There are 19 rare flowering plants in the world and 12 of them belong to the Daintree.

*Besides all the scientific research there is still many unique features to explore

*The landscape is one of many diversity

Daintree Rainforest Animals! :)

Daintree Plants

Threats to the Daintree Rainforest

There threats to the Daintree are: Climate change, feral animals, weeds, logging, mining, tourism and development by private enterprises.