We MISS YOU - CHS Staff Car Parade

Fri., April 24th - Starts at 2:00 PM

ALL CHS students and families are invited, following social distance guidelines, to be along the parade route to wave/say hi!

This Friday, April 24th - CHS staff are going to drive through Coronado to say hello to you.

We are kicking off the celebrations for our 2020 grads and wanting to see as many of you as possible.

Social Distancing in REQUIRED:

DO NOT get within 6 feet of anyone you do not live with.

IT IS HIGHLY recommended that masks be worn!

All participants must remain safely on the sidewalks as this parade route does not have police escort and/or barriers for your protection. Do not block intersections or cause anyone along the route to feel uncomfortable because you are not being conscientious of social distancing guidelines - Have fun and BE SMART! All roads will still be open for normal traffic.

If you live south of Coronado (Cays, etc.) or East/North (over the bridge) we encourage you to drive to Coronado and be along the parade route so we can see you!

The parade starts at 2 pm at Tidelands Park/Marriott and will take about 30 to 45 minutes before we come to the end of our route over by Glorietta Bay.

Class of 2020 we can SEE you with our PERFECT/2020 vision. See you Friday!!

Big picture

CHS staff needs some work on our rhythm - BUT here ya go - our first attempt at an all teacher HELLO / Shout out to CHS students!

CHS Teachers miss our students


All of 2nd Street

Most of Alameda Blvd

Most of 10th between J and C

I between 10th and 5th

5th between I-F

Palm between 5th and 6th

D in front of the school

Most of Olive Ave

Most of 10th between J and C

C between 10th and 5th

5th between C-A

All of Margarita Ave