A Look Ahead

Classical Conversations at New Hope

A Note from your Director . . .

Happy New Year!

Time to head back to CC! I hope having this extra week after the holidays has allowed you to ease back into your homeschool routine. It has given me much needed time to reevaluate and implement a revised schedule that seems to be working good, so far anyways!

Week 13 Notes:

* Bring an old t-shirt (old dress shirt of dad's works well) for art the next 6 weeks. Good idea to just leave it in their backpacks for this whole 6 weeks as we will be doing some fun but messy art.

* Make-Up Picture Day this week. We will be using these pictures with one of our art projects so we need to finish them up.

* Art/Nursery Fees due this week

* Parent meeting after kids dismissed for class this week to discuss points from the survey I sent out after Week 12.

* Start thinking about next year! See email sent on 1/7/16

Register by February 2nd (paperwork and fee) and be entered into a drawing for a special prize!

Just for fun:

Ask your kids if they know the translation of these Latin words to English!

Frigidarium (hint: bathing room with really cold water) - Refrigerator

Familia - Family

Liber (hint: meant book, where do we go that they keep lots of books?) - Library

Navis (hint: means many ships that sail together) - Navy

Have you used or seen "P.S." in a letter? It means "post scriptum" or "after the writing" and is derived from Latin.

Latin is relevant!

Blessings, Jennifer