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A newsletter designed to support the KIDS Pilot project.

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Introducing our first KIDS Newsletter!

We are pleased to launch the first newsletter of the KIDS pilot project, and to use this format to create a easy-to-reference resource for all of the stakeholders involved in this work.

Our goal is to build a KIDS pilot project community and within this community, provide a forum to share information and best practices as we all continue to build our collective capacity. We will distribute a KIDS newsletter quarterly, and content will be updated to reflect the status of the project each time.

If you have received this newsletter, please consider who within your organization could benefit from this information, and share it freely with all involved stakeholders.

Hoonuit Overview

Background Information

Through the Kern Education Pledge, the 47 school districts in Kern County have agreed to work together as one system to ensure student success. The Kern Integrated Data System (KIDS) is a result of the commitment to sharing real-time student outcome data to assist all stakeholders in making informed decisions about what is best for students, teachers and schools.

A KIDS 2-year pilot program is currently being administered with nine local school districts, with support from the Kern County Superintendent of Schools office.

Pilot districts include a cross-section of institutions throughout Kern County:

  • Bakersfield City School District
  • Kern High School District
  • Panama-Buena Vista Union School District
  • Buttonwillow Union School District
  • Greenfield Union School District
  • Mojave Union School District
  • Rosedale Union School District
  • Sierra Sands Unified School District
  • Wasco Union High School District

UPDATED KIDS Deployment Timeline

  1. Essentials (Module 1) August | September
  2. NEW Digital Cume Folder (Customization) October | November
  3. Early Warning & Student Success (Modules 2 & 3) November | December
  4. NEW Feeder School Data (Customization) December | January
  5. Operations & Human Capital Management (Modules 4 & 5) February | March

Meet your KIDS Support Team!

Providing technical assistance to our district partners.

Our KCSOS support team is available to provide a direct line of communication and assistance to each of the nine pilot districts. They work together to collaborate with personnel from Hoonuit to continuously refine the onboarding and validation processes. As a group, they collaboratively assess how to best support each of our stakeholders through this process, and ensure that there is ongoing communication between all parties involved. A big thanks to the "Big Three" Meredith, Jose & Gary- they are a tremendous asset to us all!

Pilot District Ticket Summaries

Coming Soon!

The support team is developing pilot district ticket summaries that will provide ambassadors and their teams a comprehensive and transparent visual of the status of all tickets. The summary will provide:

  • Full ticket summary
  • Open tickets only
  • Closed tickets only
  • Customization requests received

Click on the link above to visit the KIDS website.

Website Resources

New content has been posted in the Resources section, and will continue to be updated regularly- please review these resources and share them with any interested stakeholder, as this information is provided to assist us all as we continue to develop a data culture.

Resource Highlight: Student Data Privacy

These student data privacy resources were developed by our support team, with voice-over support by the Hoonuit Professional Development Team.

Thank you for leading this project, Meredith!

The protection of student data privacy, and the protocols in place to maintain those protections are of utmost importance for each district partner.

These resources have been developed specifically for this project, so that each partner has the key information to keep all stakeholders informed. They have been designed to promote the understanding of the importance of protecting student data, and to start the dialogue around the implementation of school and district-wide practices to support this work. We look forward to hearing how they have been utilized!

KIDS Data Privacy Video

kerndata2 1

Sharing Best Practice

The Data Quality Campaign (DQC) provides a variety of effective tools and infographics that can be used to assist with communicating about the effective use of data.

The article below provides an overview of the specific areas of focus with data that can improve educational outcomes. Like all of the resources from DQC, it is a quick and easy reference , the information can be used immediately to guide the ongoing work of build and maintaining a data culture. Please download the article below as you add to your own resource library.

Early Warning & Student Success Preview- Catching Students at Risk

How is your district identifying students at-risk? How are you measuring intervention results? If you are not taking advantage already – now is a great time to think about Hoonuit’s Early Warning and Intervention solution suite. Hoonuit enables educators to identify at-risk students earlier and integrates intervention workflows to easily track the progress of each implementation. These resources are designed to bring disparate data sources together and use predictive analytics and data modeling to provide insights into which students are at-risk. They also support you in implementing and running scalable intervention programs. Teachers and identify the correct interventions for students, efficiently administer the specific support students need, and track whether the intervention is making a difference in student success.

Join Hoonuit's Virtual User Group!

Connect with users from across the country to discuss the latest tools available.

The September session is scheduled for Wednesday, September 25, 11 am cst. Based on the feedback from the previous session- topics to be covered are: "Predictives" and "Enrollment Projections and Location Analysis".

Register for the user group HERE.

KIDS in the media!

The KIDS project is unique, and people are interested! Recently, there have been a variety of media spotlights on this work, each providing a unique highlight of Kern Integrated Data System (KIDS).

Check out the links below!

New pilot program among 9 school districts aims for student success from cradle to career.

  • August 9, 2019- The Bakersfield Californian

Q& A: Kern County School Administrators on the Data Driven Student Success

Kern County Superintendent of Schools launches pilot program with 9 districts

  • August 27, 2019-

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.”

–Carly Fiorina