by Brooklynne Windom

FACTS ABOUT JUPITER...................

Jupiter is the size 143,000 kilometers.

Jupiter has 50 moons.

Jupiter is just a huge ball full of gas.

On jupiter there is nowhere for you to land.

Jupiter atmosphere is mainly hydrogen (H2)and helium(He).

Jupiter's pressure is so strong that it squeezes the liquid and gas inside of Jupiter

Jupiter's big red spots is just a huge storm.

Jupiter's Revolution, Rotation and Distance

It takes Jupiter 10 hours to spin or rotate once. So, Jupiter's day is shorter than an Earth day (24 hours).

It takes Jupiter 4, 332 Earth days to revolve around the Sun.

Jupiter is 778 million km from the Sun.

Bill Nye and Jupiter's Super Storm (Presented by NASA's Mission Juno)
7 Amazing Facts About Jupiter

Missions to Jupiter

Many missions have gone to Jupiter and its system of moons. The Juno mission will arrive at Jupiter in 2016.

Jupiter cannot support life as we know it. However, some of Jupiter's moons have oceans underneath their crusts that might support life.