Faculty Update

March 15, 2015


District Faculty Meetings

In order to communicate very important district information, the district will be hosting district faculty meetings to discuss the following:

1. Capital and Technology Plans

2. District Culture Survey Results

Please see our assigned date and location below. Every faculty/staff member needs to attend a faculty meeting. Dr. Pew has asked principals to ensure that every faculty/staff member attends the session. I will attend both sessions, so please see me upon arrival and I will check you in for Rosewood. On the date you attend, please feel free to leave immediately after supervising students in order to be able to make it to the session, take care of personal business, etc.

April 28th at Northwestern High School Auditorium at 4:00 p.m.

April 30th- Make Up Session at 4:00 Sullivan Middle School

Note:for those who work Challenger, Mr. Bartless will work a schedule for certified teachers to be able to attend a session.

Teacher Supply Money for 2015-2016

Please note: The district will be issuing credit cards next year instead of checks for the money that comes from the state. We will not be able to reimburse teachers for expenditures over the summer. Please be aware of this change.

Also, thank you for working with your Pedagogical Leadership Team representatives regarding budget input. There will be a draft budget for review soon, your help in this important part of our school culture is greatly appreciated. We want our budget (along with our School Improvement Plan, grant requests, PD, etc) to reflect our vision and values. Thank you for all the great ideas you have been submitting. Please be sure to see the email Cindy sent regarding Resource Request Forms.


Guess what? The Rosewood Facebook page has 479 likes. Why is that important? Because for each one of those "likes" it means a person is able to see our posts in their timeline. It also means that each time one of those 479 people interact with our page (like a photo, make a comment, etc.) everyone they are friends with also sees a bit of Rosewood. This is a great tool for "Sharing Our Story". We'd love to have 500 likes, so help us out by clicking the "SHARE" button on status updates, pictures, etc. that you see on the page and making a positive comment about the school, your colleagues, etc. This will help others see some of the truly EXTRAORDINARY things we are doing at Rosewood.

Don't forget to tag Rosewood in your social media posts. Our Twitter and Instagram presence are growing too. If you would like your class to be out Twitter/Instagram account takeover crew for a week, please let me know. The two students/classes that have done it so far have done a great job. They only have to post 1 thing per day...not too bad !

Use the hashtags: #RWESlions #EXTRAORDINARY #IBPYP

Do You Know Our Vision?

To be the most EXTRAORDINARY public International Baccalaureate school in the country