"Waking Up In Heaven"

Crystal McVea will be sharing her experience with us.

Have you ever wondered what heaven is really like???

Come join us as Crystal McVea shares what it was like to spend 9 minutes in heaven. This is an awesome testimony and it's one that you have to hear.

Broken Chains Freedom Church

Friday, June 14th 2013 at 7pm

5200 Old Jacksboro Hwy

Wichita Falls, TX

Bring a friend, bring an enemy, just be sure that you don't miss this opportunity to hear this story!

Part of her book.

The remarkable story of a woman, plagued with guilt and skepticism, dramatically changed by the nine minutes she spent in heaven
For most of her life, Crystal McVea was a skeptic whose history of abuse and bad choices made her feel beyond the reach of God--who questioned if God was even real. She had all but given up hope. Then came December 10, 2009--and the moment that changed everything.

For nine minutes that night, Crystal went into full respiratory arrest. She was unconscious and unable to breathe on her own, unaware of the crisis happening around her as the hospital staff rushed to save her life. Crystal doesn't remember the trauma or losing consciousness; she just remembers waking up in heaven, next to God.