Sunday Message

9/28/2020 vol. 6

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Dear Twelve Bridges families,

We have a short week and a long weekend coming with no school on Thursday, Friday, or next Monday. For those that selected the in-person program, students will report to school on October 6th. We are excited to welcome students back to school! Our staff is working hard preparing the school and classrooms for students to return. Please make sure you and your child are prepared by reviewing the district's Roadmap to Reopening and the FAQs about returning to campus.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Have a great week!

Will Middleton

New 1st-5th grader to TBE?

We want to make sure all of our students (and parents) feel comfortable and confident coming to school on their first day. If you are new to TBE and would like a quick tour prior to the start of in-person instruction, please contact the office to schedule a time. Masks will be required the entire time and we will not enter the classroom. Tours will be offered throughout this week (Monday-Thursday) and will last approximately 10 minutes.

TK and kindergarten parents may walk their students on to campus the first day of school, but no other parents will be allowed beyond the office during school hours. More details coming for our TK and K families.

Fall Picture Day(s)

Fall Picture Days will be on:

Wednesday, October 21, 2020 TK-2nd

Thursday, October 22, 2020 3rd-5th

More details coming soon!

In-Person School Hours

TK/K - 8:15-11:45

1st-5th- 8:30-12:00

Mrs. Vickner's class- 8:30-12:00

Mrs. McCormick's class- 8:30-12:00

1st, 2nd, and 3rd will have 35 minutes of at home, independent work in addition to the in-person instruction.

4th and 5th will have 45 minutes of at home, independent work in addition to the in-person instruction.

Library News

Our Library is Open!

Students can now begin checking out library books! Please follow our check out guidelines below. For future reference, this information can also be found on our school website under the Library tab.

Distance Learning Circulation Policy

  • All students have the ability to remotely access our library system by logging on. Please visit or visit our school website. Click on the "Library" Tab and then "Online Catalog"

  • Your username is your school sign on (Grad year + Last name + First two initials) Example: 21BremnerDF. Your password is your 8 digit student id number.

  • Grades K-1 may check out 1 book. Grades 2-5 may check out 2 books.

  • Check out period is two weeks.

  • Students will place a "Hold" on the books they would like to check out. Please note: The system will not allow the student to delete a hold. "Hold" should not be clicked until they are certain that it is the book they'd like to check out. You must contact Ms. Bremner to delete a hold.

  • Ms. Bremner will pull the books and check them out for the student.

  • Your books will be ready for pickup THE FOLLOWING SCHOOL DAY after 9 a.m.

  • Pick up your books from the book cart in the front office by 3:30 p.m.

  • Your books will have your name on them.

  • If your books are not picked up within two school days, they will be returned to the library and made available for another student to check out.

  • Return your books to the "Return Box" on the book cart in the front office.

  • ALL books must be returned before additional books can be borrowed.

  • If you place a "Hold" on a book and currently have an overdue library book or fine, your order will not be filled.

  • Overdue notices and/or fines will be sent via email.

If you have any difficulty logging on or have any questions, please email Ms. Bremner at

Emergency Card Update

Parents that received an email from Cindy about not having an updated emergency card, we need you to fill out a paper copy. If you are not sure if you filled one out please email one of us to see if you did or not. It is important to have the most up-to-date information. Please email or both forms that are included below.

Frequently Asked Questions about Reopening

1. Will there be social distancing in the classroom when we return to in-person instruction?

Students will be spaced apart as much as possible in the classroom with at least three feet between students and six feet away from the teacher.

2. How will the classroom be arranged?

Desks and tables will be arranged in rows facing the instruction in all classes with maximum distance between students. Teachers will be teaching from a "safe zone" that is six feet from students and will not be required to leave that area to work with students.

3. Will all students need to wear a mask, even my kindergartener?

All students, TK-5th, will need to wear a mask at all times with the exception of snack break or outdoor "mask breaks".

4. Will students be allowed to remove their masks for recess?

Students will have clearly marked locations, six feet apart, where they can sit and remove their masks to eat their snack. Also, under the supervision of an adult, outside, and spaced six feet apart, the teachers may offer a "mask break" to their students. When finished, students will need to put their masks back on. We think students will be able to play (with masks on) during this time. We are still waiting for further clarification from the health department.

5. Will recess be at a different time and with different grade levels?

Snack recess will be done by grade level at different times throughout our day.

6. Can classes be held outside if the weather or air quality permits?

Yes, at the teacher's discretion, classes may be held outside. We are so fortunate to have the outdoor spaces available here at TBE. We have seven learning circles, an outdoor stage, the blacktop, an orchard, the field, and many more open spaces for outdoor learning. We have also purchased several mobile whiteboards for teachers to use during this time.

7. Will students line up for the morning meeting or have recess before school?

No, students will report directly to the classrooms upon arrival.

8. Are there any new procedures for arrival?

Yes. TK-K students will go to their gate between 8:00 and 8:15. At 8:15, 1st-5th students will utilize the main front gate, the back gate, and the custodial gate (near the park) to enter school. School begins at 8:15 for TK/K and 8:30 for 1st-5th. Students will use the gate that is the closest and most convenient. All students will report directly to class. Everyone over the age of 2 is required to wear a mask at drop-off unless they are in a vehicle. There will be no supervision before the gates open. Students cannot be dropped off early as we have nowhere to house students before the gates open and cannot have them congregating outside in groups.

9. Are there any new procedures for dismissal?

Yes, students will be walked to the front of the school by their teachers at dismissal time (unless using the back gate, in which case they will proceed directly to the back gate). TK and K will dismiss their classes at 11:45 and 1st-5th will dismiss at 12:00. Students will utilize the main gate or custodial gate to streamline their exit. TK, K, and 1st grade will communicate their unique dismissal procedures to their families. Everyone over the age of 2 is required to wear a mask at pick-up unless they are in a vehicle.

10. Will students be required to bring their Chromebooks to and from school?

Depending on the grade level, yes, students will be expected to bring their (charged) Chromebook or personal device to and from school. There will be more information on this coming soon from the district.

11. Can I change my plan for in-person or interCONNECT instruction?

Yes. The district will offer families the opportunity to change their instructional model in December (to go into effect after Winter Break). In addition, students might be moved to the interCONNECT model if they are unwilling to comply with the expectations for in-person learning after the teacher and staff have provided support to the child and/or family. Students will not be able to jump between programs except at the intervals offered. At any time, parents may opt from in-person learning into the interCONNECT program, but not the other way around until the specific district window of time.

12. Will my child's teacher be changed?

Not at this time.

**Mrs. Vickner's and Mrs. McCormick's class will be from 8:30-12:00. More specific and detailed information is coming soon.

Frequently Asked Questions about interCONNECT

1. What will interCONNECT look like once in-person instruction begins?

It depends on the teacher and how they will format their teaching to include their interCONNECT students. Teachers may try several different formats to see which one works best for them and their students. The most common formats being discussed are:

  1. Asynchronous learning (prerecorded lessons) for most of the day with live teaching and interaction in the afternoon for at least 30 minutes.
  2. A live stream observation of the direct instruction in the classroom. Students will have a live interaction with their teacher in the afternoon for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Synchronous live stream learning throughout the morning during live in-person instruction. Students will interact with their teacher (and possibly their classmates) throughout the day.

Teachers are still exploring the format that will fit their style the best. Some aspects of these formats are dependent upon additional technology (which is proving difficult to find due to high demand).

2. Will the learning schedule be the same as it is now?

Most likely not, as teachers will be adapting to a new schedule to accommodate both the in-person students and interCONNECT students.

3. If the teacher is doing the live interaction with students in the afternoon, is there any way my student can receive help before then?

Hopefully! We are looking at making some of our staff available to answer interCONNECT student questions at certain times throughout the morning.

i-Ready Tech Support

If you need any assistance or support with i-Ready, please feel free to call their helpline:


They can answer most questions, but cannot help with username or password recovery. For that, please contact your teacher directly.

Attendance Line

Please remember to call in your child's absence when they will not be attending school through Distance Learning. You may call 916-434-5210 or email to report their absence. Thank you!

STAR Sacramento -Childcare Services at TBE

TBE has STAR on our campus this year! You can find more information on their website If you have any questions, you can contact them directly at See their new flyer below for Fall registration.