Are you a Caveman?

Have you become a Corporate Caveman?

Have you lost your Lust for Life? Do you just Clock-In and recieve a Check?

Although, many post graduates have a job it isn't in their field or they don’t have jobs at all. Many are just stuck in a position they held in school or right after graduation. It has nothing to do with their degree or passions. Many women today are busying trying to survive especially in the African American community. Having a job isn't enough 25-35 years old African American woman post graduates and Full Time workers don’t always have time to chase their dreams. It doesn't matter how much education or where you work you can turn a simple situation into a career change. One grate memory can be one amazing reference and the beginning to your dream. Join me for an amazing webinar to rid yourself of your cavemen activity and become a Modern woman! Register Now!!


Thursday, Dec. 11th, 7pm

This is an online event.

You should expect to be in the webinar for less than fifteen minutes. Registration is required to receive GoToMeetings code for the meeting. Please contact me at to register by December 10th, 2014.

What Are We Talking About??

The webinar will list 7 steps to changing your career path by realizing you’re a caveman in your current position. The webinar will help you understand if you’re a corporate caveman and provide examples. Secondly, it will discuss how you can retrain your brain to rethink how you handle situations at your job to create positive memories. Lastly, I will explain how to blend or create a personal brand to assist you in growing and moving towards your goals. The webinar will be great for people who are looking to make a shift into their career

About Brandin Girlz

[Brandin Girlz was created in 2014 to help young women in the African American Community find what makes them special. Brandin Girlz mission statement is simple: Being basic isn’t an option! Be unique and stand apart from everyone in the room. A woman equipped with a professional brand is an unstoppable force! For more information:}