What are GMOs?

A GMO is a genetically modified organism. These can range from better corn crops to grapples.

What are some benefits?

GMOs have many benefits, some of which include; resistance to bugs and pests, more nutrients and it lowers the price of food.

What are the downsides?

While very useful some people think that we should keep science out of our food. They feel that we shouldn't be meddling with nature design.

Who does this effect?

While some people try to avoid it, most people eat GMOs on a daily basis.

Why you should eat GMOs.

They use less pesticides than regular crops which helps to minimize pollution and they have more nutrients.
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How are they made.

GMOs are made by extracting genes, or DNA, from one organism and injecting it into another.
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What aren't they?

A GMO is not a plant or animal that has been bred to do something or grow a certain way. Its also not just a mutation.
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Summing it all up.

GMOs are virtually everywhere and for the most part they are entirely beneficial to the world.
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