Surviving the Wilderness



  • Always carry a survival kit with you
Why: Just in case you might get hurt or you might need something important out of it.
How: Put all your bandages and/or medicine in your survival kit.

  • NEVER carry to much gear
Why: If something or someone was to attack you then you can run faster than if you had lots of gear on you.
How: Put only important thing in the survival kit. You will ONLY take the survival kit.

  • If someone kidnaps you, or something is attacking you never panic.
Why: If you panic you are going to show people weakness. If you stay calm you are going to show bravery.
How: Breathe at a regular pace and don’t cry.

  • Look for shelter from wind, rain, snow, or sun depending on weather.
Why: If you find shelter you can feel a little more protected.
How: Build a shelter out of the things around you.

  • Carry a compass with you at all times.
Why:Just in case you might get lost.
How:Just carry it and put an extra one in your survival kit.

  • Never leave someone behind
Why: You would not want anything to happen to them.
How: If they are struggling help them.

  • If you are hungry or cold make a fire
Why: So you can cook your food over the fire, and then the fire will warm you up.
How :To build a fire you must insure that the three elements of the fire triangle, oxygen, fuel and a source of heat are combined in appropriate amounts.

  • Never underestimate yourself
Why: If you underestimate yourself you are going to go in panic mode and if you are limited on water you aren’t going to have enough for later.

  • Always keep a weapon with you.
Why: Just in case you need protection or you need to hunt.
How: Carry it with you.

  • If you see someone who has come to rescue you show signs so they can see you.
Why: So you can get rescued.
How: You can flicker a flashlight on and off, or you can scream.

Those are my 10 tips that will help you survive in the wilderness.

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