Bauters' Bulletin


Valentines Day

This day is quickly approaching! We will exchange on February 12th, but you can send them in anytime before that and I will store them. Here is the list for class names. Participation is optional, but please include everyone if you do. Thanks!

Annie Armendariz

Brittany Bennett

Soliyah Bogle

Evan Cunningham

Eli Germann

Alex Gutierrez

Brady Horan

Jalen Hughes

Salma Khamis

Zaide Krizek

Bella Leonards

Olivia Martinez

Calajah Miller

Svaya Naik

Gwen Padilla

Laila Rasmusson

Mustafa Rizwan

Blake Rogers

Andy Sadler

Riley Schamp

Jake Stone

Collier Thompson

Gavin Toler

Carolyn Weckbaugh

Mikayla White

Student Goals

I previously mentioned that your child and I would meet to talk about goals for the remaining school year. I am so proud of every student! They were so honest in their self reflection. We talked about ways that we could accomplish the goals we set, and what they are already well. I will copy them and send them home so you can talk at home also.

Reading and Writing

We are studying figurative language this month. This will help us study the meaning behind the author's word choice, take notes, create pictures in our minds, and applying this technique in our writing as we write letters about the books we read.


We have been studying force and motion through manipulatives (dominoes), and play (exploring the playground). They've had fun learning words such as gravity, force, push, pull, and direction.

Social Studies

We ended last month with talking about important people in history such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. We will continue in February with Abraham Lincoln and George Washington as we get ready for President's Day.