For being Precious

Wanted For

  • Being valuable
  • A precious metal
  • Used for making jewelry and coins
  • Malleable
  • Conductor of heat

Police Report

Aliases - The chemical symbol for gold is Au. Au comes from the Latin word for gold, aurum. Aurum comes from the goddess of Aurora, who was the goddess of dawn. The slang term for gold is bling.

Description - Gold is one of the first metals. Its color is a golden/yellow. Gold is a solid at room temperature (20 degrees Celsius) The relative atomic mass is 196.967, and the atomic number is 197.

Structure - Electrons 79, Protons 79, Neutrons 118, Electron configuration [Xe] 4f'4 5d'10 6s'

First Arresting Officer - no known person of discovery

Report of First Arrest - Discovered in 3000 BC. Gold artifacts have dated back to 5000 years ago, in Egyptian tombs.
Last Seen - Group 11, in the D Block, Period 6. Gold is mostly found on layers of bedrock, and riverbeds. California and Alaska are famous places for finding gold.

Known Associates - Gold is mostly unreactive, but it can react with iodine to form 2Aul, chloride to form 2AuCl3, and bromide to form 2AuBr3. Ex: 2Au(s) + I2(g) = 2Aul(s)

Warning Label - Gold is nontoxic and generally stable.

CAS number is 7440-57-5

Boiling point is 2836c

Melting point 1064.18c

Density( g/cm'3) 19.32