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Just the Facts...9/6/17

Live Love Learn

When it comes to support, Lakeside families can not be outdone!

Our campus purchased 234 shirts to support hurricane relief efforts. We will submit the shirt orders to the high school and will inform you when they will be sent home.

Thank you!

Curriculum Night

Curriculum Night will take place tomorrow, September 7th from 5pm to 7pm. Each educator will lead two sessions with identical information so you will only need to attend one of the two sessions. Please make note of the following:

  • We will open doors at about 4:45 to allow parents to get to their classroom on time but we do ask that educators be given the opportunity to finalize presentation materials during that time and that pre-sessions not take place.
  • The first session should last from approximately 5:05pm until approximately 5:45pm
  • A 5:50pm announcement will indicate the time to switch and provide parents with multiple learners the opportunity to travel to another classroom.
  • The second session should last from approximately 6:05pm until approximately 6:45pm followed by a dismissal announcement at 6:50pm.
  • We respectfully ask that our educators are able to depart at 7pm so they can get home to see their families. Thank you.

Your child's teacher may have a schedule with greater specificity within the same time period. Please defer to that information.

In anticipation of the evening please be sure you know who your child's homeroom teacher is as well as their room number.

We look forward to seeing everyone next Thursday.

Special Friends Day

We are excited to welcome our Special Friends to Lakeside on Friday, Sept. 22nd.

Please make note that our special friend's day schedule will include the opportunity to eat lunch with your learner. In order to expedite the arrival of our visitors, we are asking that each parent or guardian complete this form to let us know who will be coming to visit and whether or not they are planning on purchasing a school lunch that day.

Please take a moment to complete this form so our visitors can spend time with the students and not in an office line.

Thank you

Please plan accordingly: This form will stop accepting responses and must be completed by Sept. 19th (Tuesday) at 8am.

We are looking forward to a great day!

Special Friends Day Schedule

Kindergarten visitors will arrive at 10:30 for lunch followed by a classroom visit and an 11:30 am departure.

First grade visitors will arrive at 11:00 for lunch followed by a classroom visit and a 12:00 pm departure.

Second grade visitors will arrive at 11:30 for lunch followed by a classroom visit and a 12:30 pm departure.

Third grade visitors will arrive at 12:00 for lunch followed by a classroom visit and a 1:00 pm departure. *Please note the updated departure time*

Fourth grade visitors will arrive at 12:30 for lunch followed by a classroom visit and a 1:30 pm departure.

Fifth grade visitors will arrive at 1:00 for lunch followed by a classroom visit and a 2:00 pm departure.

News you can use...

Lakeside 2017-2018 Destination Imagination Team Interest Meeting:

If you are interested in your learner joining a team this year, and/or willing to be a coach, please attend our DI Interest Meeting on September 12th, 6:00 pm-7:00 pm in the library. Interested kids should attend with a parent. You must attend the meeting to join a team. Teams are formed based on grade level, and available coaches.

What's required of coaching/co-coaching? Please click here for information.

Repeated information:

From the Library

Dot Day will be celebrated on September 15th at Lakeside. Ms. Bryant has some great ideas, but she needs your help. If you have any old cds (compact disks) that you are no longer using, please send them to the Lakeside Library.

From Ms. McBride

As we all process the disaster in the Houston area, this link may be helpful for you when talking with your child. helping children cope


I’m sure that most of you have heard of a “Fire Drill” but have you heard the term “LockDown Drill?” One of the ways we try to plan for specific situations is through our Emergency Practice Protocols. While we hope that we never have the need to put a real protocol in place we do spend some time practicing throughout the year in order to prepare our learners on how to react in various emergency situations.

*As a side note, if a True Emergency were to take place at Lakeside we would send you a Parentlink notification (like this one) to make you aware that something took place. We would not necessarily announce or let you know when a practice drill took place however. I want you to be aware of this because often times a child will inform their parents that they “locked down and the police came to Lakeside” without distinguishing between a real emergency and a practice.

Here is a brief review of our drills and what our kids will hear and do during a given drill.

Lockout! (Secure the Perimeter)

  • This drill may take place if a unique situation is taking place outside of the school building (like a Coppell Coyote sighting). We will use this drill to keep our kids indoors but all classes will take place as usual.

Lockdown! (Locks, Lights, Out of Sight)

  • This drill will take place if a unique situation has entered or is taking place inside of the building. During this drill our entire campus of learners and educators are expected to move away from sight and maintain silence. Sometimes this may mean that our kids will “lockdown” in the nearest restroom or office. As we practice we will stress the importance for them to “lockdown” in the nearest space. Learners and educators can only be dismissed from this drill by a police officer or firefighter.


  • This drill is what you will relate to as a “Fire Drill.” During this drill a potential hazard (fire, gas, etc) is in the building and learners are asked to stop what they are doing, exit with their class in a safe manner, and go to a designated spot.


  • This drill is what you may know as a “Duck and Cover Drill.” During this drill learners are expected to drop to the floor in a secure location (usually an interior wall) take cover by placing their hands over their heads and wait in silence until the situation has subsided.

Some drills take place monthly and some take place quarterly. It is always our goal in a drill or in a true emergency to keep our kids safe and calm. I hope you find this information beneficial.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Our first PTO Meeting of the year will take place on Monday September 11th at 8am in the Cafeteria. Please free to join us.

In case you missed it or if you want quick access to it.

Here is the PTO Newsletter Link.

We love and appreciate our campus volunteers. Please remember to complete the

Volunteer Background Check if you are planning on offering your support as a volunteer this year. Please note that the background check must be completed every year.

Thank you for your partnership!

Upcoming Dates

*Please note dates will be added and some may be changed as necessary


7) Curriculum Night will take place from 5-6 pm and 6-7 pm. All grades will be offering two sessions that you can attend. Please take into account that parking will limited.

11) PTO meeting at 8am

14) 5th grade meeting for Allaso Ranch from 6-7pm in the Cafeteria

15) Dot Day

22) Mark your calendars for Special Friend's Day!


2-4) 5th grade trip to Allaso Ranch

6) Conference Day

  • School will not be in session but kids will join parents for their conference time. Please keep an eye open for information from your child's teacher regarding their process for the day.

9) No School - "Fair Day"

13) End of the First Nine Weeks

Gema Hall, Principal

Thank you for your support!

It's wonderful to Live, Love and Learn at Lakeside!