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Avoca School District 37

In this issue ...

  • Stanton Peele & Noriko Martinez at Marie Murphy
  • Veterans' Day Breakfast
  • District Finances & Budget Framework Meetings
  • Strategic Spotlight - Communications
  • Board Meeting Review / Preview

Nov. 8 - Stanton Peele & Noriko Martinez

Stanton Peele has made a career of viewing addiction from a contrarian but serious perspective. Addiction is something that touches almost every person's life either directly or indirectly at some point, and Dr. Peele has spent a lifetime's work studying this subject. Come hear him and local clinician Dr. Noriko Martinez from 2 to 3:30 on Friday, November 8 at Marie Murphy - in a presentation meant for parents only. They will talk about alternative approaches to preventing addiction. This is not a District 37 event. Rather, District 37 is providing the space to promote an open dialogue about an important subject.

Veterans' Day Breakfast Nov. 11 at Avoca West

Honoring our Veterans in our respective schools on November 11 has far more impact on our students than does a day off. We are proud and humble to offer a Veterans' Day Breakfast at Avoca West on Monday, November 11 beginning at 8:30 a.m. If you know of a local veteran, please encourage them to attend, or bring them along yourself. All are welcome.

Last Two Finances & Budget Framework Meetings

If you could not make one of the two October meetings, please attend one of the last two meetings presenting the District's current financial status and projections, including an opportunity to give the Board of Education feedback on how to shape future budgets. The last two meetings are:

  • Tuesday, November 12 at 7 p.m. at Marie Murphy in the Porto Community Room
  • Wednesday, November 13 at 9 a.m. at Marie Murphy in the Porto Community Room

Strategic Spotlight - Communications

One of my goals includes improved communications between the District and parents AND between the District and non-parent community members. Related to District-parent communications, we have or are taking the following steps:

  • Each Principal sends electronic communications semi-weekly
  • The Superintendent sends electronic communications semi-weekly
  • Increased social media communications by Principals and Superintendent
  • Teacher websites are being made clearer, and providing practical information to visitors

Related to District-non parent community member communications, this Fall:

  • Three non-parent community members hosted Superintendent coffees in their homes
  • The Superintendent visited homeowner association events when possible in Fall of 2019
  • Local 22nd Century Media ads inviting non-parents to district budget meetings
  • Increased social media communications by Principals and Superintendent
  • Teacher websites are being made clearer, and providing practical information to visitors

Our website includes social media feeds and we will build up a Facebook presence before the end of the 2019-20 school year. Our aim is to provide parents and non-parents alike more regular communications about District 37 so all of our stakeholders feel more kinship for our schools and the amazing learning that takes place in them every day.

MM Halloween Concert Excerpt

Board Meeting Review / Preview

October 24 (click here for materials)
  • Illinois School Report Card Report
  • New Trier Township Middle School Survey Report
  • Continuum of Services Evaluation Overview Report
  • Illinois Association of School Boards Resolutions - Action

November 14

  • Continuum of Services Ideal State Report
  • Finance Committee Report
  • Transportation Fees Survey - Discussion
  • Tentative Tax Levy - Action
  • Board Governance Documents - Action
  • 2020-21 Preschool Tuition - Action