Ms. Craig's Class

September 19, 2016

A Few Notes.....

College Week

This week we are celebrating college week! Each day will be a special dress up day to bring attention to our long term academic goal of becoming a college student. I have attached the flyer below with a list of each days special dress theme.

Big Kahuna

It's that time of year again! Today we will begin our Big Kahuna fund raiser. This fundraiser will begin today and will end in 10 days! That is not much time, but I know we can reach our fundraising goals together. I will also be fundraising along with the students. Your student will bring home a packet today filled with all of the information that you will need to begin. This year, along with personal sales, we have online options available to share with friends and family out of state and we will also be accepting cash donations! Look for you packet and start today! We have the opportunity to earn 5 new iPads for our classroom if our class sells the most this year!

Scholastic Book Flyer

In your students folder you will find a Scholastic newspaper flyer. Our class earns points for every book sold in our classroom. If you choose to buy books for your student please consider buying from our Scholastic newspaper flyer. I will be sending one home every month.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports will be going home this week along with your student's progress report from IStation. Please, sign and return your student's progress reports. If you have any questions, please, contact me to set up a phone or email conference.

In The Classroom!

Unhomework: Today we had our first "Learning Lottery"! The kids loved the excitement of picking names out of the box.

PTA Shirts: Please, remember that the school will not be providing our shirts this year. All students need to order a shirt from PTA ASAP! The cost is $9.

What are we doing this week?


We are continuing our study of Addition and Subtraction. You can help your student at home by having them add and subtract around the house using mental math, explaining a number line or writing the standard algorithm for adding and subtracting.


We are beginning our study of characters and character traits this week. You can help your student at home by having them list their character traits along with other family members traits. Remember that character traits aren't just physical traits they are also personality traits that can be determined by watching a person's behavior and listening to what they say. :)


We are writing a paper as a class using the writing process. Ask your student to do the writing process dance for you!

Important Dates to Remember

September 26th: No School

October 3rd: Fair Day

October 24th: No School

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