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January 29, 2023

School Cash Online

Parents have the option of paying for field trips using School Cash Online (SCO). There is a fee for using this service but it offers convenience and alternatives for families. Please use the link to access the registration instructions.

School Cash Online

The Mobile Science Lab is coming to TPES (We need Volunteers)

The Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation (MAEF) Mobile Science Lab will conduct an in-house field trip at TPES on March 20-24, 2023. The purpose of this exciting science opportunity is to enhance students’ knowledge of science and agriculture in the state of Maryland and in Montgomery County. Inside the MAEF Mobile Science Lab, students will have an opportunity to participate in a lesson or investigation that will focus on how agri-science is applied to protecting the environment, DNA usage, and how agricultural products are developed and used in everyday life. The lessons and investigations chosen best align with the MCPS curriculum and will be taught by MAEF teaching staff. Classroom teachers will remain with their classes while visiting the MAEF Mobile Science Lab.

We can't provide this hands-on exciting opportunity without your help. Each class will be working in the mobile science laboratory with scientific equipment. We need volunteers to assist in the laboratory setting up the materials and putting the materials back. Volunteers will be guided by the science lab teacher. If you are willing to help our children have a wonderful scientific experience, please let us know when you could be available to assist in the lab. Please sign up as many times as you can. We really appreciate your partnership in this educational opportunity!

Please use the link to access the volunteer page: Mobile Science Lab Volunteer

TPES Healthroom

The phone number for the Takoma Park Elementary School health room is 240-740-0982. Please save this number in your phone contacts so that you know when our school nurse is calling. Remember parents are called when children are having health emergencies. Children must be picked up when there are serious health issues that threaten the safety of the child. If you get a call from the 240-740-0982 number, answer and make preparations to pick up your child if a pick up is necessary. Children must be taken home when there is fever, vomiting, diarrhea or serious injury. When a child has a bathroom accident and is soiled, a parent might be called to assist with changing the child. Parents may also be called to reassure children when they are emotional or anxious. For the sake of the children, please answer when the nurse calls.

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