A Christmas Carol Background

Marissa Stoppleworth

Charles Dickens.

Charles Dickens was an author, and social critic he had ten kids and was married to Catherine Dickens who left him in 1856. His parents were Elizabeth Dickens (mother) and John Dickens (father). His social conscience was he crusaded for children rights, he was an advocate of child labor laws to protect children. He had 14 major novels, before his death at 58 his burial was held at Poets corner in Westminster Abbey.

Victorian Era

Queen Victoria ruled England from 1837-1901,the Victorian period was an age of transmission and an age characterized by energy and high mortal purpose. Some troubles were unemployment, poverty, rioting, slums in large cities, and working conditions for women and children were terrible. The mid Victorian period was a time of stability and a time for optimism.

Industrial Revolution.

Charles Dickens was an English Victorian era author who wrote about the hard labor and living situations during the Industrial
Revolution. One of his most famous works include Oliver Twist, which was about the young boys who worked as chimney sweepers. This was, in a way, reflective of his childhood. His works gave the reader a glimpse of how difficult it was to live and work during this time in history where everything converted from traditional, manual labor to machine-driven, highly-productive labor and often more dangerous and life threatening. Many of his novels were like this, describing the harshness of the new urban lifestyle that was caused by the Industrial Revolution. Other works include David Copperfield, most autobiographical novel, and Little Dorrit, also reflective of his younger years.

Child Labor and Poverty.