Marijuana Effects on the Brain

by: Trinity Dianna Pierce;}

Marijuana systems

There are two systems that are effected by marijuana called the Neurological System and the Endocannabinoid System. The E.D System is part of the brain that is effected by the marijuana. This system regulates how cells communicate within the Human Body. normally the receptors in the system the cells how to send,recieve and process communication.When people are under the influence of marijuana communication is slowed and the system is overloaded. The Ingredients in marijuana from natural chemicals in the brain from doing there job.

The causes and effects of marijuana

  • lung cancer can happen can cause slight hangover impaired concentration Anti nausea not great coordination Ability to function behavior.
  • It affects learning and memory processes, and can cause
  • forgetfulness and reduced concentration.Pot also reduces logical thinking and calculation skills, and can impair a user's ability to perform complex tasks, including driving a car.

Who is affected by marijuana?

  • More than 97.5 Million people have already tried it
  • 14.6 people keep using it
  • Occasional smokers
  • Heavy smokers

What kind of people tried Marijuana?

  • The most common people to use it are young kids and adults 3,600 young kids already tried it.

How to help someone quit marijuana?

Talk about rehabilitation to he/she might want help?

Famous people that have tried it/why did i pick my topic?

Lady Gaga was mentioned in my research. I researched this condition because it is one of the most used drugs and most dangerous drugs in the US.
Marijuana Effects On The Brain