Father Of The Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution Put Slater On the Map

Samuel Slater

If it would not haven't have been for the English business man Samuel Slater, we would have never have had cotton mills. He secretly brought the cotton industry to the United States from Great Britain. Soon the cotton industry became successful. In 1793 his mills started using his new machinery, which produced high quality cotton yarn. Slater soon had many cotton mills, which all followed the Rhode Island System. The Rhode Island System was a success, the mills worked well because all ages of people could work their. Slater was smart and provided the mill workers with a house, that their family lived in, but he didn't pay them in completely ca$h. Slater saved money and did not give them free food, the got some of their money in a credit to the mill store. The majority of Slater's mills were located in the North East, by Rhode Island. The idea of having family's work in the mills was very popular, and soon became useful to other mill owners.

Slaters Mill

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