By: Ashton Willis

Hydroponics Definition

The process of growing plants in sand, gravel, and liquid, with added nutrients but without soil.

Types of Systems

Drip system- One of the most common systems around. They are very useful for larger plants.

Water culture- Have a simple hydroponic set-up where the plants are directly exposed to nutrient solution.

Aeropronics- A more sophisticated and high tech method which entails suspension of the plants above special nozzles that mist the nutrient solution directly on the roots.


Flowers, Herbs, Basil, Chives. Dill, Mint, etc.

Disadvantages and Advantages


  • You can grow anywhere.
  • You can grow all year round.
  • No mulching, tilling, changing of soil, and weeding.


  • The tools required for a hydroponic system aren't cheap.
  • Constant supervision is required
  • If a disease appears all plants in the container will be affected.

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