Our LandForm Project, Volcanoes

By: Ismael, Andrew, And Luis

Nuestras vacacciones.

Nosotros fuimos a un volcan en Phillapines y nos gusto mucho. Primero llegamos a un hotel cerca de el volcan. Despues fuimos afuera y el clima estaba rico.

Living Close to A Volcano

Volcanoes Can be really Dangerous, But at the same time it can be really fun! Most people think of Volcanoes Exploding like 1 or 2 times a year, But no after Volcanoes explode they don't do it again for like a decade or 2. So when you live next to a volcano you will have tons and tons of fun.

Fun With Your Free Time!!!!!!!!!

There are a value of fun things to do on your free time. You can swim during the Summer,cause there is water next to the volcanoes. Can zip line over the volcano, put on a squierl costume. So remember when you have free time always remember that you can always do fun stuff!!!!!!!!


Volcanoes are Really fun to live next to . So remember when you are choosing to move to another house, A volcano is always a good choice!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) - Viviendo cerca de un volcan puede ser muy divertido.