Puss with Swords

Read and Believe this story about the cat that has swords

Paragraph number 1

Once upon a time there was a man who was about to pass away. He had three sons. Since he was about to pass away he gave the oldest son his house,he gave the horse to the second oldest son and he gave the cat to the youngest. The cat’s name is Puss. The youngest was upset because all he got was a cat. So Puss said”Just give me a pair of swords and I will make your life a better life”. So the youngest replied”Okay”.

Paragraph number 2

Firstly,Puss started to kill chickens ,squirrels and other animals . Then Puss went to the king’s palace.He also told the king it was from the Duke of Carabas. The King replied”This Duke of Carabas sure is a nice man, I thank him”.

Paragraph number 3

Secondly,Puss told the Duke of Carabas,who was the youngest,to take his shirt off and go swim in the lake. Puss also said”Pretend you are drowning”. Then Puss shouted out”HELP HELP MY MASTER IS DROWNING!!!”while the king was riding along the path. So the King stopped and order his servants to save him. After that he asked him he was the Duke of Carabas and he said”yes”. Then Puss went to the land where the ogre lived and told the farmers that they have to say that the land they were working in belonged to the Duke of Carabas or the ogre will eat them. They got freaked so they just said”All right”. Next Puss went to the ogre and said”Some people believe that you can turn into something big,perhaps a lion”. So the ogre turned into a lion,but Puss got scared and said”why don’t you turn into a mouse”and he did. Puss killed him and the king arrived and asked the farmers”Who does dis land belong to”And they said”Duke of Carabas”. The princess was impressed and married him and they all lived happily ever after. The End

Lanz Abenoja

I did this story