Exploring New Church Model

Town Hall Meeting Set for June 8

Simplified Leadership Structure

Vista Ridge UMC Family,

The world has changed in so many ways this past year. The way we’ve met with friends, traveled, purchased groceries and food, worked, and even worshiped has changed. The individuals and companies that have not only survived, but thrived are the ones that adapted quickly to the changing environment.

I’ve so appreciated how our church has adapted through this time. We’ve shifted how small groups and Sunday schools meet and function, we’ve adapted Vacation Bible Camp, and we’ve had to shift the way we worship just about every several months. While at times it can feel exhausting, this mindset of adapting and shifting prepares us for a post-COVID world (whatever that looks like).

To not only survive, but thrive in the future, Vista Ridge UMC will need to be able to adapt and shift quickly. Even before COVID, the world around the church has been changing much quicker than the institutional church can adapt. Locally, our staff and members are quick to adjust and because we are debt-free, we can financially adapt quickly as well. The least agile part of our church is the organizational structure. While I love The United Methodist Church, the organizational structure in a local church our size can at times feel like the anchor slowing down the church as we try to sail toward our mission.

We are exploring the possibility of moving to a new model of church leadership. Our Core Leadership Team has been in conversation about this for several months and now we are exploring this as a congregation with the hope that a new organizational structure would improve efficiency, accountability, and mission focus.

Watch for a video outlining the what, how, and why of this proposed model for Vista Ridge UMC. We will then have a Town Hall meeting (in person and digital) on Tuesday, June 8, at 7 p.m. to create space for questions and more exploration. And, just because we can finally fellowship together, we’ll enjoy some ice cream together so can get some good fellowship in as we gather that evening. I hope you will mark your calendar and plan to join us for this gathering.

We want to get as much input as possible and not rush this exploration. If we decide to move forward, this would take place at the end of the year. We want to ensure that as we build this new structure we are led by our mission of building life-giving relationships with God, with each other, and with our community. We will be guided by your input, a coach provided by the UMC, and our District Superintendent. A number of churches our size have shifted to this model and it’s worthy of our attention and consideration.

I hope you can take a little time to watch an overview video and read an article (both available below) to learn more about the simplified organizational structure and how the model is being used by other churches.

Please join me in praying for our church and our discernment ahead.


Pastor Clay

District Laity Training: Simplified Accountable Structure

Town Hall Meeting

Tuesday, June 8th, 7pm

2901 Denton Tap Road

Lewisville, TX

In person and online

More details will be provided soon.

Vista Ridge United Methodist Church

Building life-giving relationships with God, with each other, and with our community