The Fifth Grade Times

Your connection to what's happening in fifth grade.

ELA/Social Studies with Mrs. Zech

With a new year, comes our next unit: Craft and Structure. Through January, we will be focusing on vocabulary. Specific concepts we will work through are dictionary skills, affixes (prefix, suffix, root), context clues, and figurative language. While studying affixes, the students will have a mini-project to complete. The project is tentatively due on January 11th. I plan to explain and assign this project on January 5th. Please look for this information in your student's folder after this date.

As always, the students continue to work on their reading journals that are due once each cycle. Please be certain your student is turning them in on time and working to the best of his/her ability on this task.

Math with Mr. Overmiller

The students completed unit three of the Everyday Mathematics program, prior to the holiday break. They will be receiving their test and open response results in their Wednesday folders, upon our return to school. Please look for them, review them with your student, at home, and contact me if you would have any questions.

Please continue to make certain your child is completing the requisite twenty minutes of math each night. These activities include the practicing of basic facts, 0-10, all operations (orally or with cards you may have). Students may also work ahead in their Home Links Journals on skills they have mastered, building repetition through practice. Finally, they may spend a portion of each night working on the Study Island Unit 4 Test Review, which mirrors the skills we will be presenting, practicing, and evaluating at the close of unit four.

Please check your child's Edline grade updates, as your schedule permits, so you remain informed about his/her progress. Grades are typically updated, at least once, weekly.

A friendly reminder that all evaluated skills for each unit of the Everyday Mathematics program are listed on my teacher webpage at under "Math Test Objectives," down the left side of the page.

As always, please feel free to contact me regarding your child's progress and/or any questions or concerns you may have.

I am appreciative of the at-home support our students receive, it is critical to their acquisition and application of presented mathematical concepts, while at school. Your student and I are grateful for the time you sacrifice, daily, to enhance your child's education.

Writing/Science with Mrs. Nemshick

The students have been working to write informational pieces about the Westward Expansion. Once we've completed the lessons, they will choose their topics for the "On-Demand Assessment." I can't wait to see how much they've grown since the beginning of the unit. For word work, students will be learning about different types of nouns, as they continue to add information to their interactive notebook.s

In science, they are finishing their landform projects. They created salt-dough 3D models of landforms and painted them. With their partners, they wrote a paragraph describing different characteristics about those landforms. Finally, they worked to create a power-point slide show they will present to the class, after break.

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