Week of March 4th, 2019

iPads Staying At School

As you all know we are now keeping iPads at school due to our upcoming testing windows and other various reasons. I just want you all to be prepared to deal with some students and their behaviors from not being able to take them home. Unfortunately for some students this is their life outside of school and the adjustment to not taking them home I'm afraid may cause some behavior issues. I would suggest letting students who can read take a book of their choice home to read, or give them math or spelling flash cards to do with an adult at home. We have adopted a NO Homework policy, but this doesn't mean that we can't have students PRACTICE reading, spelling or math facts. I can make a take home sheet that parents can sign for anyone who would want one to track reading and math practice. I feel that 10-15 minutes of reading/spelling practice and 5-10 minutes of math/number practice is a good way to help students improve. If you want ideas or need ideas come talk to me and I'll help you figure out how to make something like this work in your classroom.
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Significant Adults

The quote above really struck me this week as I talked to several people that are frustrated with the fact that some students never read their LLI books for example. Taking a page from my book with my boys We can either complain and be part of the problem or be a solution to the problem. Unfortunately some of our students don't have an adult in their life outside of school that values their education. This is where we need to step in. Instead of complaining about a student who is not reading their LLI, I'd like to suggest that we start a significant adult "program" with those students. I propose we assign each student who habitually doesn't read, an adult in the building that they can go read to. I think we should be all hands on deck when it comes to this. We will start with the office staff, Miss Rhoda, and the Kitchen ladies, but if the need arises I will be asking you all to step in and read with a student. I know we are all busy but I think that we all have 5 minutes somewhere in our day that we can be that adult that students can read to. I'll let you know if we get to the point we need help!

Kenny and the Dragon Kickoff

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Our kickoff will be at 10:00 am on Monday in the gym. I'm still working out details with Mr. Knipper, but I do know we will show a book trailer, and have a member of the rotary read the first chapter. I'm still not sure if we should do this as one big group or if we should split into grade levels and read it per grade level. They will have 2-3 people so we could separate or we can all stay in the gym. What do you think? Also, we will pass out books to students who don't have an older sibling in the elementary. If they have an older sibling in the elementary their sibling will get the book to take home.


I just want to put out a couple of reminders to just make sure everyone is aware of expectations. This is in NO WAY calling anyone out or saying that it is an issue. These are just reminders to help you.

* During duties or while your with students please refrain from using computers/cellphones unless absolutely needed. ie......While watching early arrivals, in the classroom, at recess....etc. There is time to check emails and answer texts when students aren't in your care.

* Please refrain from restraining students unless they are endangering themselves or others. It's best if our team members who are CPI certified handle this, but safety of the student, other students and yourself trump that. If at all possible call the office or send someone to get myself, Officer Koontz, Mrs. Scheiber, or Nurse Megan.

* Yelling at students......You all know my opinion on this. If you need a break from a student please send them to the office with a note or phone call and just let us know. We will happily keep them for 10 minutes or so to give them a chance to refocus and you a chance to regroup. Yelling at them and breaking their trust will NEVER get you the results you want.

*Please fill out field trip forms well in advance. Any request made less than two weeks before the field trip will most likely be denied due to a shortage of bus drivers.

*Make sure if you are getting a substitute for a PD day that you fill out the PD forms for Jewel at central office.

*We have lots of guided reading leveled books in the Art Room storage room. We are still organizing but you are welcome to get books if you need them.

And my number ONE reminder that I want you all to know is that WE are ALL in this together! If you are struggling ask for help, if you need someone to listen to you ask, if you are frustrated come talk. I LOVE coming to work and I hope you do too! If not let's work together to find a solution!

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Upcoming Morning Meetings

Monday @ 7:50: Kindergarten teachers only in my office to discuss Kindergarten Round-up

Tuesday @ 7:50: Robotics room for anyone who wants practice on running records.

Important Dates

3/16: PTO Father/Daughter Dance

3/19: Yates and Jordan to KinderForest

3/20: Ummel and Shaw to KinderForest

3/21: 1st Grade Music Program

4/12: Mobile Dentist Follow Up

4/16: Yates and Jordan to KinderForest

4/17: Ummel and Shaw to KinderForest

5/8: Yates and Jordan to KinderForest

5/9: Ummel and Shaw to KinderForest

Please send me any important dates as you get them! Also, don't forget we have the shared google calendar with dates for events happening at CNP!