My Learning Styles

By: Cameron Baker


One of my top learning styles is visual. Having visual learning means you learn best by sight. If you see it you'll remember it. Examples of visual learning styles is power points and pictures in books. My career that I am interested in is Construction engineering. Having a visual learning style will help my engineering skills because it is hands on.


My second learning style is intrapersonal. Being intrapersonal means that I work best alone. Sometimes you work alone in engineering such as computer engineering. Intrapersonal people are good listeners. They listen more than they talk. A problem with being intrapersonal is I might have a problem of working with others. But in my career if I have to work with others I'll adjust.


My third learning style is logical and mathematical. This learning style means that I work best with numbers. I am good in math. Being a engineer and being good in math is a great things. If I learn with numbers that can teach me how to fix whatever I'm working on. Mathematical learners think in a logical order. They may be drawn to logic puzzles or games.