Religious Discrimination

By: Nicholas Martinez

What is discrimination?

The unjust treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. But in some cases, religion.

What is religious discrimination?

Religious discrimination is unequal treatment of an individual or group based on their beliefs.

Paragraph: Religious Discrimination

There have been many times that someone in the world has been discriminated by their religion. Just like when a Brooklyn woman, Jalal, was working out in the gym and she got kicked out and claimed it was because of her religion. She was not happy, as none of us would be. The gym said they kicked her out because of her attire. The employees of the woman's-only gym said her skirt was a safety hazard and that she needed to take it off or she would be kicked out.

Jalal said, "I can't take my skirt off, it is for religious reasons."

Then the employees said "If you don't take it off, your trespassing."

She refused to take it off, so the employees revoked Jalal's membership to the gym and was forced to leave in the middle of one of her kickboxing classes.

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