Laura Blackman

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

I am currently studying Early Childhood Education at the University of Notre Dame

I have always wanted to work with children and I cannot imagination dedicating my life to anything else. In year 7 I spent many lunch times in the library reading stories to a group year ones. This is when I first contemplated working with children as a grown-up. Since then I have involved myself with babysitting, dance teaching, relief work at two local child care centres, work experience in pre-primary, professional face painting, a reading program for foster children, volunteer work with disadvantaged children in Thailand and rural WA communities, AUS swim teacher, clarinet teaching and work as a fairy in 'The Pickled Fairy and Other Myths'.

I am a highly driven person with a clear set of life goals. At first I wanted to go into social care and dedicate my time to abandoned and hurt children. Instead of helping a lot of children in a small way I have personally decided to foster children instead. Initially in my career I plan on teaching children in lower primary and kindergarten. To me this occupation seems stable, enjoyable and it will provide me with the opportunity to travel and work. I have travelled internationally on three occasions with the Perth Hills and Wheat Belt Band but I have always longed to travel around Western Europe (to immerse myself in the Italian, French and Greek cultures). I also think that it is important for me to do humanitarian work with children living in third world countries.

However, as a young adult with my whole life ahead of me, I want to become more than a teacher - because I believe that it is important to constantly progress as an individual. Therefore I am always thinking about long-term goals that will provide me with a new and creative occupation involving children. For example I would love to have an on-screen job on children’s television. Another career option I am passionate about pursuing one day, is running my own business. My vision is to own a large property in the jarrah forest and transform it into an inspirational and magical realm with a gift shop and café to cater for fairy birthday parties, school excursions and family picnics.

I believe in dreaming big and watching as your hard work and passion unfolds into success. This clear sense of direction in my life is a constant source of motivation that has resulted in my academic achievements.