Three Little Wolves and The Bad Pig

Three Little Wolves and the big Pig

Once upon a time there were three little wolves. Their mum said “you should go i’m getting too old to look after you all” “OK” replied the wolves. So the wolves built a home.

One day a big cherry pink pig came along.The wolves were playing around in there backyard.The pig saw the them playing.The wolves saw the pig and the pig knocked on the door and said “Can I play with you with you” “NO” the wolves replied.

So the nice pig turned angry. He got his handy dandy toolbox. The wolves opened up the door and the pig had a hammer but the wolves cut the hammer handle with a saw. The wolves closed the door. The pig went behind a bush and threw TNT at the wolves house but the TNT hurt the pig. The pig got really mad and the pig said “This is my last TNT”So the pig threw the TNT as hard as he could.

One of the wolves had a bat and hit the TNT as hard as he could. One wolf said “Will it be a home run?”and the pig caught it and blew up. The wolves looked at the cooked bacon on a plate and the wolves licked their lips. One said “Dig in” and the wolves lived happily very after.