Consumer Bill of Rights

By Lee Seggerman

Be Informed

Everyone in America has the freedom to be informed. Being informed means knowing what's going on.

Example: Everyone is allowed to read magazines and watch the news to be informed.


You get to make your own choices in America.

Example: if you want to eat pizza for dinner, then you can chose which place you want and what kind you want.

Be Heard

All Americans have the right to show their opinion.

Example: If you are in a meeting you have the rights to share your opinions and have others listen.


Everyone in America has the rights to education and learning.

Example: Everyone can go to school to get education.


In America you can't deny people service.

Example: if you don't agree with your customers, you still must serve them.


Everyone has the right to be safe.

Example: if your at a store, your given the right to know you are safe.