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How To Use This Digital Tool

Specials Teachers,

Please use these tools to help you with today's tasks. This information can always be accessible to you, using the link that was provided for you. It also provides an opportunity for you to reflect and post any additional questions that you may have about SAGS and Pacing Guides. Your reflections and questions will be shared directly with our Assistant Superintendent, Adelaida Olivarez.

Felicia Turner & Holly Reid

Activity #1: TEKSing

activity #2: Semester At A Glance Maps

Activity #3: Pacing Guides

Activity #4: Rubrics, Rubrics, & More Rubrics!

Wildcat Contact

Holly Reid, Assistant Principal @ Neidig Elementary School, Holly.Reid@Elginisd.net

Felicia Turner, Assistant Principal @ Elgin Elementary School, Felicia.Turner@Elginisd.net