Is a writer who specializes in writing criticisms of food. Food critics are supposed to provide thoughtful, well-informed, and unbiased information to the public, so that members of the public can make decisions about where they should spend their money.

My Personal Interests

I love to try new things, new recipes.

And I love to eat and love food in general.

I also love to travel the world someday.

Being able to be fair.

There aren't really any employee benefits of food being a food critic, since you're kind of on your own.

Some Hidden Cost of Being a Food Critic

You could spend more than you would like to on a dish or a drink, the out of pocket costs add up after awhile.

Employability Skills

Have to love to eat, and willing to try almost anything at least once. Must have writing and presentation skills. And need to be discreet when reviewing restaurants. Food critics must also maintain objectivity, means that they should not be directly associated with restaurants.

Other Suggested Qualifications

> Critics often create a portfolio of their best published articles and reviews. Even if you have not yet published anything, collect writing samples in a clean and professional folder.

> Also need to be able to write well, and in an accessible, creative way that engages their readers.

> Critics must be opinionated. Need to have a very clear idea about what they think makes a good restaurant dish and what does not.