australian government

by liam

Government In Australia

In Australia, an elected government runs the country.

Every four years, Australians who are over 18 years old. They vote for people to go to parliament

Who ever is elected to go to Canberra go's to the parliament house, the parliament house is a huge room where parliament meats 2,3or4 times a year to discuss

And make new laws.

The Senate

The other House of Parliament is called the Senate.

People of each state and the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory elect 12 people to be their Senators. No matter how big or small a state or territory is, they have the same number of Senators.

The chamber in Parliament House where the Senate meets is decorated in red

Parliamentry Committes

Parliamentary committees are an important part of the work of the Parliament. They investigate problems and bills (proposed laws) in detail, so that the Parliament can be informed before making decisions of national significance.

One of the roles of the Parliament is to make laws for the nation. However there is often limited time to debate problems in detail in the parliamentary chambers. Members of parliament can vote to appoint a committee to take on this role. A committee may have weeks or even months to make a closer study of an issue.

Making Laws

The main reason of parliament is making laws when a law Is suggested its called a bill. A bill is usually suggested at the parliament house first the bill(law) is told then members have a discussion about the law.after the discussion then all the members vote for or against the bill . If thee bill is successful (for the vote) it goes to the other parliament house antd the samee thing happens . Some times the bil is sent back to be changed I bit moree sometimes the bill Is sent back when it passes the next vote it become`s a law that all australians have to obey

The House Of Representitaves

Australia is divided up into areas called electorates. For each electorate there is one seat in the House of Representatives. Each electorate has about the symmetrical number of people living in it. At an election, the people who live in each electorate vote for a person to go to Parliament to speak for them. That elected person becomes the Member of the House of Representatives for that seat.

Most people who stand for election are members of different groups or parties. The party that has most members elected to the House of Representatives becomes the Government, and its leader becomes the Prime Minister of Australia.

The party that wins the next mount of number of seats in the House of Representatives is called the Opposition and its leader is called the Leader of the Opposition.