Classroom Crashers

Your school day gets a makeover with technology

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Does your classroom need a makeover?

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Are you stuck?

Stuck On An Escalator - Take Action

It's time for some ideas from the classroom crashers!

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Get Organized!


Turn and talk to your neighbor.

Do you think any of these would be useful to you? Can you think of any other ways to use these three tools?

Share a new idea on the Lino it "Parking Lot"

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Bulletin Board Ideas

I've used Padlet for:

Lit. Circle groups

Early finisher boards

Substitute plans

I've used Lino it for:

"Parking Lot"


Exit tickets

Posters & Anchor chart ideas

Student Engagement is a must!


Kahoot creates a game out of assessment


Students don't just watch videos with Zaption, they interact and learn!


Coolaborate, create, share, and discuss with Tackk in the classroom!


Get results with Socrative student!

Be a Lifelong Learner - DIY PD

The Teaching Channel

Videos on the Teaching Channel can serve to inspire, model, and help you reflect on your teaching practices. Learn from some of the best while hanging out in your PJs!


Twitter is not just social media, you can network with others who share your passion for teaching and find fabulous ideas for your classroom. #tceatots #awesometeachers

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