Basic Consumer Right

By Jonah and Griffen

The Six Rights

Be informed: This right states that the consumer must be informed of what he/she is purchasing. A business must always state it clear on the label, ingredients, labeling, etc. This stops the consumer from being mislead, or buying something for the wrong price or so.

Choose: the right for everyone to choose what to buy in the store of the same thing but different product.

be heard:the right to be heard means the consumer can be

heard for their complaints and issues with any product. It is not
quiet a law yet, and not all federal agency's have a complaint file
system yet.

education:the education right means to inform the consumer with

information and truth about the product. If there is a defective
product, the companies must inform their consumers with a warning, or
recall the product

service:the right to service means the consumer can expect

good treatment from a company. They should be treated reated with
equality, and will not be discriminated against.

safety:this right states that the company must put things like

choking hazard labels, and warning labels on their product. It is
meant to protect and caution the consumer. If there are any defective
products, it must be recalled.


  • Be informed: when a person buys bread they must read the labels to know if it has any thing that they are allergic to.
  • Choose: someone finds some cereal, they see the same kind but different brand. They have the right to choose what to get.
  • Be heard:someone buys soap and their child gets sick and they tell other people not to buy the item. They also tell the company what happened and why.
  • Education: a person finds Legos and reads the lable and sees a warning sign and it says "COKING HAZARD" and knows not to buy it.
  • Service: someone buys a car and notices that the radiator does not work. They return it and ask for a refund. The company must give back some of the money.
  • Safety: someone looks at a "build your own model car" and the lable says choking hazard on it and 14+. So they know who not to give it to.