Mount Saint Mary's University

Nurse Practitioner's Daily Life

Requirements and Programs

To be considered for Mount the GPA has to be 3.0-3.5 with an SAT score of 1000-1200. Those that are stongly considered have some sort of leadership involvment in extra curricular activities. A few progams offered are the Veritas Progam and Honors Program. Veritas is a leadership program that is based around a liberal arts type of education. In the Veritas the courses that are needed for the set major are incoperated into the program.The Honors Program gives a more vigurous learing domain.

Activities Offered and History

Activities on the calander this month include Mount's Got Talent, NYC Shuttle and late night karaoke. All of the activites that take place at the mount are all student run. During the fall there is an opening dance called the Tiki Dance. Founded in 1789 by Lord Baltimore and George Calvert. Mount was orginially a college for those wanting to join the Priesthood. Mount became a DIvision 1 in sports in 1988 and was est. as a Univeristy in 2004. Four short years later Mount Saint Mary's celebrated its Bicentennial.

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What are some requirements?(See requirements and Programs) What training is needed to be a NPP? (see Mount logo) What is the Mount's motto? See picture "Capmus")

Training for a NPP and Why i chose this career

The degree required to be a Nurse Practitioner is either a Masters or a PhD in Nursing. These degrees help prepare for primary care and speciality practice (ex: pathophysiology, ethics, and advanced nursing). The prerequisites are a BSN to be able to advance into your MSN. THe classes that are it the BSN program are anatomy and physiology, nutrition, microbiology, and nursing. The BSN takes about 4 years and another 3 for MSN. I chose this career because when i was younger i was in a 4-wheeling accident that almost killed me. I had an NPP taking care of me the entire time in the trauma unit, she inspired me from a young age to want to help others in anyway i could.

Daily Life of an NPP

The day of an NPP starts as early as 7a.m, after clocking in charts are picked up and then patients are immediately seen. Chest x-rays, EKG'S and a medicine order for nitro is ordered during her rounds. After those are ordered she documents the patients hisory and phyical exams. Afterwards she eats a quick snack before being called into see a patient who has a bp of 75/35 abdominal pain, and vomiting. She orders an IV and lab work immediately and then notifys the overseeing physician. By 6p.m she has seen 18 patients and has stitched 2 wounds, drained 2 absesses and admitted four to the hospital.
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