Marshall High School

September 7- 12

Happy Labor Day and Thank you!

Thank you for a wonderful first two weeks of school! Students can still be counted present for instruction if they access their Schoology assignments daily.

We strongly encourage synchronous time with the teacher to support our students in learning during virtual learning. Please reach out to your child's teacher(s) if you need any help.

Students are doing a great job 'synch-ing' in with their teacher and classmates during their classes.

Here are some things your student can do during their asynch time: complete assignments, independent practice on new concepts, work collaboratively in small groups (virtually), reach out to the teacher for help or feedback on assignments/tasks.

Methodical Approach to In-Person Learning

The majority of students will not be back on September 8th.

We have been working diligently to ensure a safe and systematic return to school. The district is providing guidance for how we will return to campus using our metrics. While we will have an extremely small group of students starting on September 8th, we will not have all in-person learners back next week.

When a group of students is invited back to in-person learning, you will receive a personal email or phone call from the school with a start date two weeks prior to the return.

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Meals Available at

Grab-n-Go Meal Service extends meal times, adds supper program NISD Grab-n-Go Meal Service will now offer the following:

Rudder Middle School

Neff Middle School

Drigger Elementary School

Leon Valley Elementary School

Rhodes Elementary School

New Hours: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at all 65 locations for added service starting Aug. 31.

New Supper Program: adding an evening meal to approved campuses starting Sept. 8.

Parents / legal guardians may pick up all meals for enrolled NISD students.

Bring a copy of the Printed Meal Pass or a Blank Meal Pass may be completed at time of pick up. Under program guidelines, a student’s eligibility for Free, Reduced, or Paid status will be in effect.

Athletics Information

Here is the updated ticket information for Varsity Football and Varsity Volleyball games:

Updates about campus capacity for on campus and varsity attendance will be coming soon.

Campus Events

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Counseling Update

Counseling Schoology Classrooms will be completely set up by next week! Be on the lookout, in Schoology, for information from your school counselor!