ICT in Schools Bulletin

February 2017

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Les Mills - Born to Move exercise class

Born to Move is a series of classes created by and for young people. It uses music, movement and the power of group exercise to boost their energy, increase skills and leave them feeling amazing!

If they want to learn a whole lot of cool moves from dance, martial arts and yoga this class is the way to go!

Haven Point

  • Tuesdays
  • 4.30pm - 5.15pm
  • From 1 November 2016

Hebburn Central

  • Wednesdays
  • 4pm - 4.45pm
  • From 2 November 2016

For further information please visit www.lesmills.com/borntomove/

Achieve3000 – Accelerate Reading Comprehension for ANY Cohort

60 Day Free Trial & Discounted Offer with ICT Schools South Tyneside

Achieve3000 is the leading technology based reading & literacy program, proven to accelerate reading comprehension, vocabulary & writing for ALL cohorts supporting over 2 million learners worldwide.

Differentiating the same non-fiction text to 12 levels, Achieve3000 reaches & stretches all pupils at their own personalised level. Separate Primary & Secondary programmes ensure age appropriate, engaging content for all.

Achieve3000 Features

· Accelerate literacy skills for; SEN, EAL, Catch-up, Mainstream & The most able pupils – all school priorities are supported!

· Engaging non-fiction text & work differentiated to 12 different reading ages, ensuring personalised learning for all.

· Motivates the most reluctant of learners through engaging content & recognition for quality work.

· Vocabulary focus and reading comprehension exercises develop SATs readiness.

· Reports demonstrate progress & link to the new English Programmes of Study.

· Saves teacher lesson planning time.

· Web-based; Use at school and home.

Studies show that on average pupils using Achieve3000 accelerate reading by at least twice their expected gains when used as recommended.

"We started using Achieve 3000 with our Year 5 classes last year. The program itself differentiates texts to cater for all children, no matter what their ability. We have used it with whole class work as well as independent challenges. The children love to see their progress and track their points. Seeing that they have been the top scorer of the day/week in the whole school (or even Great Britain!) adds a great competitive element to the program and has helped to build the confidence of a lot of the children. As a teacher, the various assessment tools, which link closely to the National Curriculum, make data tracking much easier as reading evidence is clearly organised."

Visit Raising Literacy Standards in Education www.rlseducation.co.uk to find out more, or to request a free 60-day trial.

Teach in South Tyneside? Sign up for this exciting CPD opportunity. FREE!

Historic England with the Learning and Participation Team at The Customs House are pleased to offer staff from schools in South Tyneside this opportunity to attend a FREE joint CPD session.

This CPD will provide the opportunity to learn more about The Customs House and Historic England's offer for children and young people. Meet members of our Learning and Participation Team, meet Viki Angel Local Heritage Education Manager for the North East Region and other heritage educators.

  • Learn more about Historic England's 'Heritage Schools Programme'.
  • Take part in a bespoke heritage trail;
  • Enjoy Historic England's skills session on interpreting aerial photos, map skills and using archive material to research a person bringing history to life;
  • Receive an access code to Historic England's online resource bank.

Light refreshments will be provided.

It will be great to meet staff from across South Tyneside’s schools and explore these exciting learning opportunities together. If you have any queries email Elizabeth@customshouse.co.uk


CS First

Over 4,600 schools have used CS First clubs to introduce computer science to students. The CS First curriculum is free and easy to use — no computer science experience required!

Kids love CS First clubs. Clubs are available in a variety of themes, such as music, art, and game design, that are designed to capture a student's existing interests.

Sutori - share your story

This website makes it really easy for students and teachers to create and share stories. Any subject can come to life, embedding video and sounds. Digital Citizenship is a crucial part of becoming responsible users of technology, Sutori have put together a range of resources to help teach these concepts. Try these resources FREE


Mind Moose

Mind Moose teaches children:

  • How they can help their brain work better - in scientifically proven ways

  • How to manage their emotions & stay calm under pressure

  • What character strengths are & how they can be helpful in our lives

  • How to solve problems, persevere & develop resilience

Prep Flash

Automatically generate study aids from any content - PrepFlash supports various import methods allowing you to generate questions from the tool that is most convenient to you.

Photos (Mobile)

Study faster and smarter with the PrepFlash photo option. Simply take a picture of the text you wish to study and let PrepFlash do the rest.

Pure text

Type or copy and paste your notes from class and create flashcards with one easy click.


Create flashcards from news articles, journals or other useful web pages by copying the URL and pasting it into PrepFlash.


Become a master of any subject with the PrepFlash Wikipedia option. Simply type any wikipedia topic you wish to study and enjoy numerous flashcards on that subject.

Make your own

Customize your own flashcards and quizzes with the Make Your Own option. Type a word or phrase you wish to learn, enter “=“, and type the meaning in any language you wish to learn (e.g. Hello = Hola).

NEW E Safety resources for SEN and Autistic pupils

STAR SEN Toolkit

Practical advice and teaching activities to help educators explore e-safety with young people with autism spectrum disorders in Key Stage 3 and 4.

  • IntroductionOpen or Close

Each of the 4 sections which make up the STAR programme have been developed from information gathered by teaching practitioners who work directly within this sector and the key areas of concerns they imparted. All sections feature the concept of friendship and have a focus on finding the balance between online and offline interaction.

Digital Skills Crisis

Heads and Senior Leaders are invited to attend a forum to address the National crisis in digital skills. This forum will look at how we as a Borough may collectively focus on the issues surrounding digital skills and take advantage of the potential opportunities that have arisen as a result in the employment sector.

At the session you will get a ‘no holds barred’ insight from private sector industry experts and there will be facilitated discussions to assist in developing a plan for the Borough which will demonstrate insightful and true partnership working.


Lego Life

THERE ARE LEGO bricks and Lego movies, Lego videogames and Lego books. The stackable, sortable plastic molds permeate all corners of society. Today, it carves out a new space online: Lego Life, a social network built specifically for kids. The entire experience is contained within an app that’s available in the App Store and in Google Play.

Lego have worked to create a pastoral place on the internet, a place for kids to share their Lego designs and communicate with each other.

From far enough away, Lego Life looks a bit like a brick-themed Instagram. It has all the standard social network elements: a newsfeed, profiles, and the ability to like and comment. A closer look, though, reveals a careful crafted ecosystem designed with safety at the foremost.

Read more about Lego Life here.

Half Term Activities at The Word


Renowned storyteller Tony Wilson and musician Tom McConville will tell a rich and varied selection of animal stories from around the world that will thrill, amuse and entertain any audience.

There will be songs about storytelling, animals and plenty of chances to join in with the actions and songs both old and new. During the sessions the audience will be asked to help create stories and generally have a great time! Music will be played on guitar, banjo and violin with plenty of fun to be had!

This will take place on Wednesday 22 February at:

  • 10 – 10.45am
  • 11 – 11.45am
  • 1 – 1.45pm
  • 2 – 2.45pm


Join Wordy and be transported back to when dinosaurs roamed Earth. StoryWorld will be transformed with projections and sounds and Wordy will tell stories of lovable dinosaurs and their friends.

This immersive and interactive session will take children on an adventure through a forest, swamps, and even to school.

  • Thursday 23 February, 10 – 10.40am
  • Thursday 23 February, 11.15 – 11.55am
  • Thursday 23 February, 2 – 2.40pm
  • Friday 24 February, 10 – 10.40am
  • Friday 24 February, 11.15 – 11.55am
  • Friday 24 February, 2 – 2.40pm

Delivered in partnership with The Customs House.