Member Appreciation Event

May 22nd 11:00 a.m., Orland Park, IL

Please join us for a complimentary Wellness event

Thank you so much for supporting my oil business this past year. I really hope you feel you are getting the support you need on your oil journey. I really strive to provide you with the best customer service around! I hope you know I value you, and I really want to show you my appreciation!

I am hosting a Member Appreciation Event and Wellness Expo on Sunday, May 22 from 11am-6pm. This event goes beyond oils. I am really trying to make changes in my life (some bigger than others) to promote a healthier way of life. I’ve gathered a bunch of health professionals who will be there to educate you on total wellness: mental heath, emotional health, spiritual health, physical health, financial health. My team of oil guru’s all chipped in and we are flying in Drs.Haggerton from Hurst, TX. Check out their practice online: Lifetime Family Wellness. They are an amazing team of Wellness Educators and we are THRILLED to have them headline this event!! There’s also going to be some really fun things to see and do, as well as FREE perks and samples for my current customers!! So you really should come and just rake up on all the benefits! My goal is for you to feel like you have the absolute BEST support team of oily people there ever was!!! And if you feel we would take great care of your friends and family who may be interested in oils (but do not have an oil person yet) please bring them along! We have gifts for them too!!!

This event was just put on Event Brite, and we are already over half sold-out!!!!!!!! As my customer, you can attend for FREE, but you still need to reserve your ticket online. And I would do it FAST. Starting at 11:30am, there will be educational talks on specific health subjects. I would suggest picking 2 or 3 subjects that appeal to you and registering for those. Each talk will last almost an hour, and we will immediately start the next talk session, so you probably don’t want to register for all 6 sessions, and sit there for 6 consecutive hours. You can always check out the Expo portion before or after your talk sessions that you register for. Please use this link to get your FREE tickets and use the password OilKrazy!

There are also a limited number of VIP tickets available for $20 each (plus Event Brite charges us both a small fee to use their ticket service). Those include perks such as a Free biometric scan, Reserved priority seating for you and a guest, $5 off at the expo, and Free raffle tickets. We expect to fully sell out, so a VIP ticket may be a wise choice especially is you want to ensure a good seat for a specific talk session.

Learning Session Schedule:
11:30 am Pain/Headaches
12:30pm Auto Immune Support
1:30pm Gut Health/Digestion
2:30 pm Hormones/Emotional support
3:30pm Pregnancy, Babies & Kids
4:30pm ADD/ADHD/Autism/Sensory Support

If you can’t make it to this event, but know a friend who would like to attend and isn’t already a Young Living customer, please send this email to him/her. Please let me know if you want to be notified of our next event also:)