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R.L.Stine was born in Columbus, Ohio. When he was a kid he would always go to the barber shop just to read comic books. R.L. Stine started writing at 9 years old. He would make stories jokes on an old type writer. Stine kept writing things even though the teacher would take them away. When he was a teen he wrote for his school newspaper in Columbus, Ohio. After Graduating in Ohio State University, he moved to New York City. He worked at variation of writing jobs. He had a son named Matt and one Halloween Matt had trouble pulling of his mask and that gave Stine an Idea. Now R.L. Stine had written more than 115 books and counting! His books are based around kid’s horror books and making exiting stories for kids.

The Ghost next door

A girl named Hanna has some strange stuff going on in her neighborhood ever since the new boy moved in next door. He keeps disappearing and he is really pale. Is Hanna being haunted by the boy next door????

Night of the Living Dummy

Lindy finds a ventriloquist's dummy and has fun learning to make him move and talk. Kris is jealous, and decides to get a dummy of her own. Then nasty evil things begin to happen. No way can a dummy be causing all the trouble. Or is there?

Phantom of the Auditorium

Brooke's best friend, Zeke, has been given the lead role in the school play, "The Phantom." Zeke's totally into it. He loves dressing up in the grotesque phantom costume. And scaring the other members of the cast. Brooke thinks Zeke's getting a little too into it. But then really scary things start happening. A message appears on a piece of scenery: "The Phantom Strikes!" A stage light comes crashing down. Is someone trying to ruin the play? Or is there really a phantom living under the stage?

List of other titles from Auther

Lair Lair, Return of the mummy, Say Cheese and Die, and Slappy New Year
Top 10 R.L Stine Books (this time the 1s i like)