Valentine's Day

flowers, and chocolates, and bears, oh my!

~The Famous Holiday with an Infamous Past~

In ancient Rome, "hitting on" women was a bit more...literal. On the days of the feats of Lupercalia (February 13-15), women were lined up to be hit by men to make them "fertile". Ah, very logical. On the exact date of February 14th, two men named Valentine were executed by Claudius II for marrying young men against the law. Their death serves as a martyrdom for our love filled Valentine's Day.
The middle of February has been a time for fertility festival celebrations, so it is no wonder Valentine's Day flowers are often the gift of choice. For centuries, flowers have symbolized fertility, love, marriage, and romance. The act of giving flowers was first introduced by Charles II of Sweden.

Over 52% of People bought flowers last V-Day!!

It's the most important holiday in the business for the floral industry! Although the economic depression in 2007 lowered the number of flowers bought on Valentine's Day, the increase has been constant over the past few years.

The Average Floral V-Day Client:

Usually men & spend on average $95.

Oddly, low income families will spend more than high income groups.

Most will buy cut flowers arranged vibrantly and neatly.

Creative, eye catching designs are vital, especially to the untrained floral eye.

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